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Macchia degli Esperti - History

Mr Gregorio Minervini gathered successfully most of the original place called “La Macchia degli Esperti”, in a very daring way and moved by an entrepreneurial instinct.
He is the owner of the central nucleus of the ancient large landed estate, where you can see the tower presumably built between 1519 and 1526.
“La Macchia degli Esperti” derives its name from a family coming from Trani, the Esperti family, that had their properties in these lands many centuries ago.
The first representative of the family was Petrellus, son of Crapio Sperto. By this explanation we can affirm that the original surname of this family was connected with the Italian word for goat (capra) and with his job of goat farmer. So the origin of the surname was linked to his job or to the nickname given to someone dull but at he same time physically strong.
In the first twenty years of the XVI cent. the surname changed into Sperti. At the beginning of the XVII cent. it was definitively changed into Esperti.


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