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Gregorio Minervini was born in Molfetta in July 1954. He is an athlete, trainer and president of the Sport Association “Equestrian centre La Macchia degli Esperti”. He is a national trainer of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, and national judge of the same federation. His training started in the United States where for more than ten years, he was pupil of the most famous professionals of the western riding among them the legendary Shorty Freeman. In Italy and above all in the States Gregorio is known as the only man that crossed all the States on a horseback, from the Mexican to the Canadian border, he was alone and without money or assistance. This crossing lasted 99 days and Gregorio with his faithful horse rode 5,000 km . THIS RECORD IS STILL UNBEATEN. His adventure has been narrated by F. Pankieviwicz in his book “Border to Border”. Gregorio has been researching for more then 20 years on the riding of difficult horses and in the USA he directed for three years the school for horses with different problems. For more than ten years he has been a pioneer of the western riding in the centre and south of Italy; besides he perfectly knows the “English riding” for this event he got a degree as trainer in Toronto, when he was 23. In 1990 he was the champion of the Open Cutting at Hippos; in 1992 he was the best Italian in Cutting event, and the champion of Open Cutting at Arcese (Milan); he was in the final of the American Cutting. In 1993 he won the Cutting at Denton (Texas) in the category “5000 Novice Horses”; he got the silver medal to the European Championship, category Senior Reining. In 1995 he was the winner of the Jackpot Open of Cutting at Travagliato (Brescia). In 1996 he was the winner of the first Open Cutting of Bologna, and finalist of the American Cutting competition; Master finalist. In 1998 he wins the first Open Cutting of Bologna and is second at the Open of Reggio Emilia.; he came out first at the Senior Reining at Cavalese (Trento). In 1999 he became qualified national judge of Reining. In 2000 he is member of the “long List” for the world championships of Reining at Jeres de la Frontera. In 2003, 2004, 2005 he is the regional champion of Reining in the categories Intermediate Open and Open. In 2006 he is the regional champion in the Open category, bronze medal at Manerbio in the national championships of the Open Intermediate category. In 2007 -2008 he is the regional champion of Reining in the categories Open Intermediate and Open.


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