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Caterina Minervini is 23 years old and lives at the horse riding and tourist centre of “La Macchia degli Esperti". She has followed his father’s footsteps in horse riding.
In addition to horse riding she practices: canoeing and in 2006 and 2008 she was the Italian champion in the race addressed to the naval leagues; table tennis and she was Italian champion in the double category during the Students Games in 2005 (passion for this sport comes from her mother Mrs Tonia de Fazio, that was the Italian champion and trainer of the Italian national team during the Eighties).
But her main passion is horse riding. In fact she is the Italian champion in the “reining” event (sleight of hand in which the horse is ridden with only two fingers of the hand)
In 2000 when this event joined the F.I.S.E. events, the young Caterina (she was ten) won the Italian championship in the “Youth” category . In 2002, 2003, 2004, she was the regional champion in the “Youth” category (for young people under 18) and in 2005 2006 she was the regional champion in the “Intermediate non pro” (which is for riders of all ages with no distinction of sex).
In 2004 she became Italian vice champion in the “Limited no pro division.
After receiving the prize as “Athlete of the year 2005” from the Association of Sport Veterans – Bari section, in July 2006 she took part to the national championship at Manerbio (Brescia), where she distinguished herself as the best young woman of Italy and won the Youth category.
In September 2006 she took part to one stage of the national championship at Bracciano (Rome) and she ranked among the athletes that could take part to the European championship of 2007.
In November 2006 at Manerbio she took part to the final stage of the national championship and won in the “Youth” category becoming for the second time the Italian champion.
On 17th May 2007 at Reggio Emilia, during “the Night of the Oscars for Horse riding” she obtained her Oscar in the “Youth” category, receiving the votes of the readers of the monthly “Cowboy’s Magazine”.
In 2007 she was the regional champion in the “Intermediate Non pro” and “Non pro” category and afterwards, in November, she took part to the national championship at Manerbio. On that occasion she rode in the “Non pro” category and won the bronze medal45 riders leaving behind her.
At Manerbio in the biggest European riding arena called “Palasturla” from 27th to 29th July it has been held a national competition where all Italian regions produced their teams with the best riders. Caterina and her father represented Apulia in the “Youth” and “Intermediate Open-Open” categories. Caterina got the third place in the “Youth” category riding on her extraordinary horse “RS PINE N NUTS”. In 2008 she became the regional champion in the “Youth”, “Intermediate Non Pro” and “Non Pro” categories.


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